Dear international colleagues and  interested parties,

welcome to Schlehdorn Verlag, an independent publisher with the focus on children’s books.

Our publishing house is situated in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin’s fast beating heart. Ever since our foundation in 2010, we have set only the highest standards for ourselves in order to publish high-value and well-written children’s books enriched with lovingly drawn pictures.

The series of books featuring our main character “Piepvögelchen” – a small blue bird – is very popular with both preschool readers and their parents. Our programme also includes publications for primary school children up to the age of ten.

In addition to children’s books, we also publish non-fiction dealing with both historical and contemporary issues of society.

Schlehdorn Verlag works with both young art-talents and well-known authors and aims to respect the environment in all stages of production. Furthermore, we take our social responsibility seriously by supporting local business partners as well as schools and kindergartens.

In order to request permission to reprint copyrighted material or inquire about subsidiary or translation rights, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with reading copies and further information. We are corresponding in German, English, French and Spanish.

For inquiries in English, please don´t hesitate to contact:

Peter Prussat, MBA
fon: +49-30-577072350
fax: +49-30-588072359

Si vous avez besoin d’aide, s’il vous plaît n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.
Pour obtenir des renseignements en français:

Dorit Schneider, MA
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fax : +49-30-577072359

Si necesita más ayuda, por favor no dude en contactar con nosotros.
Para obtener información en español:

Stephanie Zeidler
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